The Broadcasting Fleet

A large part of the texts published here are based on the great “Encyclopedia of Offshore Radio” by Jim Parkes.

We are very grateful to Dr. Adrian Peterson from Adventist World Radio.

And we also received valuable information from Mike Brand, Paul Rusling, Andy Sennitt, Bernhard Beck, John S. Platt, Raoul Verolleman, Prince Holman, Leendert Vingerling, Geoff Toon, Mika Mäkeläinen, Richard H. Cummings, Mike Wilson, Jan van Heeren, Hans van Dijk, Mike Barraclough, Ian Anderson,  Göran Carlsson, Wikipedia, The Offshore Radio Museum, The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame and many other sources.

Shipboard Radio Stations – by Dr. Adrian Peterson  
The first radio broadcasts from ships
The heydays of watery wireless
Mislukte radioprojecten 
Ian Anderson: The Offshore Radio Masts
MS Mebo II
M.V. Bon Jour = Magda Maria = Mi Amigo
M.V. Aegir
M.V. Aegir II = Martina
M.V. Fredericia = Caroline
M.V. Nannell = Mia Migo
M.V. Magda Maria
M.V. King David
USCGC Courier
Droit de Parole
Faithful Friend
M.V. Galaxy
M.V. Oceaan VII
M.V. Communicator
M.V. Ross Revenge
M.S. Cheeta
M.V. Cheeta II
Lucky Star
Olga Patricia = Laissez Faire
M.V. Peace
M.V. Hatzvi
M.V. Odelia
M.V. Hof
M.V. Kajur
M.V. Polaris
King David (Arutz 2000)
M.V. Aurora
M.V. Columbus
M.V. Kanimbla
M.V. Manor Park
S.S. City of Panama
S.S. Rex
Hirondelle II
M.V. Sarah
Knock John Fort
Red Sands Fort
Shivering Sands Fort
Sunk Head Tower
M.V. Pamela
Tiri II
M.V. Elisabeth
M.V. Maria
S.S. Malolo
Boys’ Own
M.V. Epivan
Elisabeth II
Saint Yves
HMS Winchester Castle
Hospitaal-Kerkschip De Hoop IV
Hendrik Jan
U.S.S. Leviathan
M.V. Piscator
Broadcasting ships during the Gulf War
Lady Dixon
10 communist radio ships
Propanganda in the China Sea
Déesse de la démocratie

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