The Broadcasting Fleet

A large part of the texts published here are based on the great “Encyclopedia of Offshore Radio” by Jim Parkes. We are very grateful to Dr. Adrian Peterson from Adventist World Radio. And we also received valuable information from Mike Brand, Paul Rusling, Andy Sennitt, Prince Holman, Leendert Vingerling, Geoff Toon, Göran Carlsson, Wikipedia, The … Read more

Propanganda in the China Sea

Ship details: In 1970, four ships (other souces reported of ten ships) were fitted out with powerful short wave transmitters and converted into radio ships in the Polish port of Gdansk. Only one of these ships was supposed to have been used for Russian propaganda transmissions directed to China. Offshore radio station: Radio Spark, Voice … Read more

10 communist radio ships

Ship details: Unknown.  Planned offshore radio station: On July 8th 1971, the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf published a leaked report from the CIA. It revealed that 10 pirate radio ships based on the Radio North Sea operation, were under construction in the Polish port of Gdansk. The programme was under the direction of the Institut … Read more


journal on media culture (ISSN 1567-7745) Ridder Roland in Radioland Radio Luxembourg versus Radio Veronica versus Hilversum III De SS Malolo en Captain Dobbsie De vele namen van Lion Kleerekoper Het grove schandaal van Radio Veronica Marina, het “foute” zusje van Veronica Opiniepeiling tegenover luisteronderzoek Boortorenbouwer Vink uit Peize De geschiedenis van de Leviathan “The … Read more

“The Voice of Slough” en “Great Britain OK”

Over de eerste serieuze plannen voor Britse zeezendersdoor Hans Knot Net als in Nederland werden er ook in Engeland al vroeg plannen gemaakt voor commerciële zeezenders. Niet al die initiatieven waren even succesvol. In het begin van de jaren zestig ontwikkelde John Thompson het station The Voice of Slough en in het kielzog daarvan kwam … Read more

Lady Dixon

Ship details: The Lady Dixon was an ex Commissioners of Irish Lights lightvessel. She was built in 1876/78 by the Victoria Shipbuilding Co., West Passage Cork, Ireland. She was 91 ft long, 21 ft wide and her draft was 11ft. She cost £7.500 to build and served on many Irish stations. Her construction was a … Read more


Ship details: An ex Admiralty 70 ton 65 feet fishing vessel was said to have been purchased to be converted into a radio ship in Scotland. The very small “Ellen” had the call letters: GBLN – London. The financial backer was to be “The World Tomorrow” radio program which then was slated  for Radio Atlanta … Read more

International Radio Report

Keeping the offshore radio community informed. Here are 273 reports from 24 years. 2024   Winter 2023/2024          2023 Christmas 2023 September 2023 summer 2023 spring 2023 winter 2022/23 2022 Christmas 2022 September/October 2022 summer 2022 May/June 2022 spring 2022 winter 2021/22 2021 Christmas 2021 October/November 2021 August/September 2021 June/July 2021 April/May 2021 February/March 2021 … Read more

Mebo I

Ships details: The contract for its construction was concluded in 1939, and in August 1940 it was to be completed in Trondhjem/Central Norway as the HERLAUG. Due to the German occupation of Norway in April 1940, construction was stopped. The launch as a guard ship for the German Navy took place on May 27, 1941 … Read more

Broadcasting ships during the Gulf War

Shock and awe on the air – US steps up propaganda war By Mika Mäkeläinen [Editor of and foreign news reporter for the Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE)] Surrender or die is the message beamed at the remaining Iraqi Republican Guard soldiers in trenches around Baghdad. Coalition propaganda is aired 24 hours a day over … Read more