M.V. Aegir II = Martina

Ship details: The MV Martina, the former Scheveningen fishing vessel “Scheveningen 159”, was built in 1923. It is the sister ship of Radio 270’s Oceaan VII, of the ill-fated broadcasting vessel Morgenster and of the Dolfijn (used as a tender ship in the seventies). Tonnage 270, length 42 metres, width 7.5 metres, motor 200pk Brons, generators 2x50kva.

During her use the Martina was renamed Aegir II, although the name was never altered on the ship. In october 1979, the Martina voluntarily entered Stellendam harbour. Then the boat was tranferred to the “entrepot” harbour of Willemstad and confiscated.

Offshore radio station: Radio Delmare from 2nd June to 28th September 1979

Location: International waters off Goeree/Zeeland (Netherlands)

unknown photographer