Ship details: The Borkumriff, an ex German lightship built in 1911, was located in Emden, West Germany and purchased for 63,000 Guilders. It was rebuilt and refitted as a broadcasting vessel at the Karstens-Werft in Emden in 1959. On 18th April 1960, the Borkumriff left Emden, towed by the British Tug Guardsman to a location off Katwijk aan Zee. In June, the Panamanian Government withdrew its flag from the ship, which was registered in an undisclosed country (Guatemala). After the Norderney took over as the home for Radio Veronica, the Borkumriff was sold for scrap and broken up in Zeebrugge.

Offshore radio station: Radio Veronica from 21st April 1960 to 16th November 1964 (then replaced by the Norderney) and CNBC (Commercial Neutral Broadcasting Company) from 2nd January 1961 (first tests) to 22nd March 1961

Location: International waters off Katwijk aan Zee (Netherlands)

foto Noord-Hollands Archief, collectie Fotopersbureau De Boer. Ingekleurd door Harm Koenders.