M.V. Columbus

Ship details: In July 1973 the former minesweeper and 135 foot long MV Oceanic was purchased by Reverend Carl McIntire and converted for use as a radio station. A 100 foot mast was installed. The ship was then renamed Columbus. In the last week of August the Columbus set sail for Cape May and anchored just outside the three mile limit. After several lawsuits the Rev. Carl McIntire cancelled the project in March 1974 and sold the MV Columbus. 

Hans Knot: Radio Free America andermaal een mislukt radioproject

Offshore radio station: Radio Free America from September 12th to 26th 1973

Location: International waters off New Jersey, USA. On September 14th, the ship lost its anchor and was forced to put into port. Despite having collected a new anchor on September 19th the ship sailed back and forth along the coast between Cape May and Avalon.

unknown photographer