M.V. Epivan

Ship details: The 500 ton “Scheveningen 54” was built in Scheveningen in 1954 for Rederij van der Zwan. Originally the vessel was named Helena and Oceaan IX, later renamed Epivan. 

In 1978, Rederij Jaczon (Scheveningen) sold the ship for 25.000 guilders to Jean van Wijk Dentals Holding from Curaçao and Paco Lopez SD based in Marbella, Spain (= Gerard van Dam, Radio Delmare).

The MV Epivan should become the new broadcasting vessel for Radio Caroline according to an agreement between Ronan O’Rahilly and Gerard van Dam. Everything on the MV Mi Amigo should have been dismantled and been transferred to the Epivan whilst Radio Caroline kept on transmitting. Radio Delmare should broadcast from the Mi Amigo for a period of two months to attract potential advertisers and to keep up the formerly built listenership. During these two months the new radio ship could have been prepared on the high seas. On 19th Dexcember 1978 the Epivan spectacularly left Scheveningen harbour with two DJs, some apparatus and a new generator on board (payed for by Fred Bolland), as the Mi Amigo had been off the air for some weeks because of a lack of electricity. It had been agreed to transship the generator to the Mi Amigo. Then Ronan should pay 150.000 guilders to the Delmare organisation – which he never did. It was impossible to get the generator back from the Mi Amigo as Peter Chicago and the crew were armed quite well. So the Epivan left for a parking position off the Scheveningen coast. Some Delmare jocks stayed on board the Mi Amigo just for the case that Ronan was going to pay. [Information by Leendert Vingerling]

Infact there was a different agreement between the two: Delmare should supply a new generator plus sufficient Diesel oil for half a year. Therefore Radio Delmare should have broadcast from the MV Mi Amigo. So the Epivan appeared indeed in the Knock Deep – but with a malfunctioning generator and without any petrol. Beypond that the Epivan caused severe damage to the Mi Amigo when it came alongside. So Ronan might have sent Gerard a bill instead… Here you can see the generator onboard the MV Mi Amigo. [Information by Hans van Dijk]

On 15th January 1979, police announced that the ship was going to be towed into harbour because it was within the three mile limit. Once chained up it was discovered that no transmitters were on the ship.

Planned offshore radio station: Radio Delmare and Radio Caroline in early 1979

Location: International waters off Goeree/Zeeland (Netherlands)

Photographer unknown