Historic lightvessel and radio ship LV18 damaged by fire

Gary Lee reporting on Facebook on Saturday 3rd February 2024:

I expect many of you know by now… Last night our historic radio ship LV18, was attacked by an armed arsonist. The engine room or cabins above were set fire too and smoke seen billowing across Harwich Harbour.
If you happen to have been in the area around 8.30-9.30pm, please get in touch with us, or Essex Police, as soon as possible.

RADIO MI AMIGO went off air whilst this was happening. Luckily we were in autopilot at the time, being operated remotely, so no-one was on board. Had I have been on board and seen anyone not connected to us, I would have gone for them and probably have ended up dead.

Although it’s a terrible thing, we will come back from this. Radio Mi Amigo will be back on air witin a few days and the ship will be refurbished to it’s natural comdition.
We have’nt spent 20+ years on this for nothing!

Thank you all for your messages of support.

We may need extra volunteers to help us get back on track.

Is that you? Because if you can spare a couple of hours at any point, please get in touch. You may well be a massive help to us.
E-Mail: miamigo@post.com

Sincere thanks, Garry Lee.
Thanks everyone. It’s you that keeps us going

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The LV18 surrounded by smoke (image: public, taken from: www.harwichandmanningtreestandard.co.uk)