The booty comes back

Following the raid on the radioship Ross Revenge by the OCD and other Dutch authorities in August 1989, all seized items were stored at Domeinen Roerende Zaken in Bleiswijk which is near Rotterdam. 

Years later, negotiations took place involving Peter Moore from Caroline, Martin Raumer from the OCD, who commanded the raid, and mediator Herbert Visser. 

By 1992, these discussions led to the return of the confiscated items to the Caroline organization, on the condition that they would not pursue further legal action against the Dutch government.

Regarding the transportation of the equipment back to Dover, where the Ross Revenge was moored at the time, a truck was rented at SMC’s expense. This cost was covered by the Media Communications Foundation using proceeds from sales, which included the CD “The Legend Still Lives On.”

From from the archive of the late Rob Olthof here are 18 exclusive pictures.

And here are some of the protagonists 8 years later at a meeting in Leeuwaarden on Radio Veronica’s broadcasting ship Norderney: